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Once a globe trotting corporate marketing executive, Marcia Breece lives on the Washington Coast where she enjoys the tranquility, solitude, and inspiration she needs to write, whether it’s the foggy shore at sunrise, bald eagles drifting on the wind, or moon snails excavating the sand at low tide. Marcia has written and published Finding This Place (memoir), Secrets Lost (novel) and she’s working on novel #2.

Marcia helps other self-published authors publish get their books to market, whether in eBook or audio book format. Experience publishing and marketing her own books guided her to this niche market. “It’s a typical grass roots story,” says Marcia. “An author friend asked me to help with his book, then his friend did the same, and so on until I had a group of author clients that needed help with self-publishing and a list of vendors who wanted to help them. I know for sure, if you stay open, what you love to do will find its way to you.”

Finding This Place





Excerpt from Finding This Place

Secrets Lost






Click to hear excerpt from audio book:


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