Self-published audio book production

Self-published audio book production

If you’re thinking about recording your own audio book, understand that it’s do-able but beware. As authors, we hear the characters in our heads, recording a self published audio bookfeel the salty breeze and smell the bread baking. Most of us, however, are not experienced at translating our written inspiration to an audio book listening audience. It’s difficult enough to do an effective bookstore reading and signing event.

Most of us are oblivious to traffic, police sirens, barking dogs or the neighbor’s crowing rooster but if you don’t have a sound-proof studio, the microphone captures these ambient sounds. DIY recordings are also likely to contain clicks, pops and other mouth noises. When we’re talking to our friends or even giving a presentation, we don’t notice that our “Ps” pop and our Ss sizzle, but the microphone captures it all. You want the reader to focus on content not distracting, unrelated racket while listening to a seven hour recording of your book.

Volume must be consistent which also requires know-how and equipment. Even your mood change from one day to the next can be obvious when you’re narrating your own work.

To have a successful self-published audio book, you need to hire a professional production – like the group I work with.

First I accept auditions for voice talent. The submissions vary from dreadful to outstanding, from boring monotone, to sparkling character interpretations. The actor I hired for Secrets Lost, nailed the character’s accents, gender, personality, mood, and age as if she stood at my elbow as I wrote.

Once we signed the contract, she began recording, and uploaded chapter by chapter for my review. There were a few words that she had trouble finding pronunciations for, like the wonderful Washington coast destination Kalalock (clay-lock) but edits were painless because she knew what she was doing and had the right equipment.

I listened to every word, just like I did after my editor finished the word doc. I wanted to be certain the narrator said exactly what I wrote. You’d be surprised how easily 1890 can turn into 1980 if the narrator is distracted.

I accepted the entire book recording. Then we set up distribution through Amazon, Audible and iTunes, and began the social media campaign, web site updates and other marketing activities.

Let us know if you need help producing your self-published audio book, we’d love to help you.

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